September 2017 – COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Strategy & Growth

Metal Fabrication/Process Equipment

COACT Tells Story of Success to Franchises

COACT is approaching major franchised brands to help facilitate construction initiatives related to the brand. By telling the story of success with other franchisees in the system, COACT has been able to build relationships with multiple franchisees and to capture a much larger share of the opportunities within the overall system.

COACT Connects New Client to Two of Top 10 Major Hospitality Consumer Brands  

COACT is targeting major consumer brands in the hospitality space to support the physical aspects of the brands and attract business. COACT introduced a relatively new client to two of the top 10 brands in their respective markets.

These introductions could lead to significant business throughout 2018, and these prospects could potentially become top 10 customers for the COACT client.

Capital Equipment Services Expansion Discussion

A COACT client is well-known for some of their capabilities around machine maintenance, but has expanded into many other aspects of service for capital equipment.

In discussing the full range of capabilities with a prospect, COACT was able to uncover a great opportunity to provide ongoing support and a potential monthly revenue stream for this client.

COACT Revives Past Proposal with Potential for Win & Associated Projects

COACT maintains contact with a list of high-value targets for one client. This campaign led to a project that was considered “dead” coming back into the sales pipeline. COACT discovered that the project was initially delayed, then was tabled at the price that was originally quoted.

In facilitating a follow-up discussion with the prospect and the client, COACT revitalized the project, which could lead to a win at a reduced initial price. Moreover, this could also lead to an opportunity to win multiple other associated projects due to the familiarity derived from the initial project.



COACT Generates Pilot Programs at 2 of Largest Convenience Store Brands in U.S.

A COACT client has been targeting the convenience store space and has had many leads from trade shows. Thus far, COACT set many of the initial meetings at the trade shows and ultimately maintained the relationships over the long term.

By staying in touch and rhythmically communicating with the prospects, COACT generated multiple opportunities – including pilot programs starting at two of the largest brand-name convenience stores in the U.S.

COACT Manages Trade Show Promotion for Long-Term Tech Client

A COACT client had two partner events scheduled during a large industry trade show in the month of August.

Through a strategic marketing wave plan and integrated inside sales pursuits with aligned messaging, COACT was able to drive one of the most successful and highly-attended events in the client’s history.

COACT Launches New Bundled Offering at Trade Show

A COACT client is offering a new, unique bundled solution to the hospitality and retail industries. COACT was instrumental in building the target list of attendees for the trade show while leveraging an integrated sales and marketing message into the targeted list. This resulted in a great introduction into the marketplace.

COACT is now in the process of following up with interested companies to drive further traction and manage the timing element of their buying cycle.


Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

COACT Rekindles Relationship with Local Hospital for Mechanical Contractor

A COACT client who provides mechanical contracting services had previously had fairly regular business with a local hospital. COACT had been maintaining contact for feedback and expanding the relationship. In discussion with the prospect, COACT learned that the client had been left out of the bidding process for the last several projects due to a very high bid, as well as general contractors selecting their bidders.

As COACT introduced more of their capabilities, the prospect has added the client back into the preferred bidders’ list to be included in future projects.

Tier 1 Automotive Expansion Project for EPCM

A COACT legacy client continues to build their brand through strategic sales initiatives with COACT ten years later. Most recently, COACT was able to highlight this client’s very specific experience developing a testing solution that is very unique in the client’s area of competitiveness.

By identifying such a unique need within this major automotive supplier, COACT positioned the client to build a long-term relationship.

Discussions began about 5-year initiatives after the completion of this specific testing project.

Legacy Client Success: Meetings with 2 Fortune 500 Companies

A COACT client who has been with us for over 10 years has been able to continue to uncover new opportunities throughout the duration of our business relationship.

Most recently, COACT was able to schedule introduction meetings for projects this year with two Fortune 500 companies, which could lead to more repetitive business over the years.

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