June 2017 – COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Strategy & Growth

COACT Builds the Channel

A COACT client selling through distribution was able to meet with 14 potential resellers. Each of these meetings resulted in next steps of either a demo or a potential new installation through the resellers.

11 New Resellers & New Partner Program

A COACT client selling through a distribution partner met with 11 new resellers, many of whom signed up for the new partner program this month.

Preferred Supplier

COACT recently coordinated a meeting with a major automotive manufacturing organization for an engineering client. The prospect was interested in rekindling a relationship from several years ago and was able to get this client into the audit process to become a preferred supplier for the entire organization.

Succession Planning for Project Managers

A COACT client had a key project manager retiring and leveraged COACT to reach out to these customers and coordinate face-to-face meetings to continue building on the long-term relationships that this project manager had developed. COACT was able coordinate several introduction meetings and even introduce capabilities to these customers that had never been utilized by these customers before.

COACT Obtains RFQs from Multiple Sites

A COACT client is targeting multisite manufacturers to provide machined components. COACT broke into several, learning the buying systems and profiling where the opportunities are. One of these targets led to opportunities within 3 different sites.

Early Buying Signals Identified

A COACT client who provides capital equipment was introduced to an organization early in the buying cycle. The prospect is currently looking into projects within the facility to identify opportunities to more fully integrate their equipment and add efficiencies to their operations. The COACT client is working closely with the prospect to identify the needs and clarify the scope of the project(s) well in advance of the need.

COACT Economic Development Success

One of COACT’s economic development partners was able to coordinate 8 introduction opportunities last month. The COACT client is focused on providing organizational development services to these companies within their territory.

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