April 2017 – COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Strategy & Growth

COACT Connects Manufacturing Client to Regional Utility Company to Deploy Pilot Program:

COACT recently connected one if its manufacturing clients to a large regional utility company to discuss their product and take part in their pilot program. Three units will be deployed over the next 90 days to test applicability and feasibility.

New COACT Client Finds Early Success

A new client for COACT has had a long-standing history as a leading water and wastewater engineering group, and through deploying the efforts of COACT, have been able to reconnect with customer they haven’t worked with in over 10 years –  as well as developing relationships with several new customers.

A Long-Standing COACT Client Continues to Find Success

In a dynamic industry, COACT has been helping to breaking down buying systems for our client and been able to position multiple opportunities with several divisions within one prospective company. COACT had also positioned our client as a preferred corporate resource.

COACT Client Begins Relationship with Multisite HVT

COACT positioned an introduction with a multisite high-value target for a communications provider client to meet about connecting to several sites. Ultimately, the client believes they will win new business that could grow into a one of the larger customers for the COACT client.

COACT Finds Channel Development Success

A COACT client was introduced to nearly 20 new potential value-added resellers last month. Many worked with a partner of the COACT client and were identified as priority targets to develop relationships with.

COACT Finds and Develops Relationships with End Users for Industrial Supply Firm

Our goal was to work on developing end user organizations for an industrial supply manufacturer. Connecting with a school on the East Coast, COACT was able to organize a discussion that lead to the distributor that the client was interested in developing a deeper relationship with, as well as a buying organization that would lead to other end users in the same group. The relationship could yield 5-6 other relationships, in addition to new product sales.

COACT Revives Relationship with Metal Fabricator for Industrial Machine Engineering Firm

An industrial machine engineering firm brought COACT on to help develop and maintain relationships with metal fabricators and pursue market research for other industries. Recently, we reconnected the client to a prospect who they had talked to in the past, but hadn’t won work from yet. The prospect is budgeting a controls project for alarms and some machine equipment needs. After learning about the new projects, COACT discovered the timeline and when the budget went into effect. This information will help the Client manage the long-term relationship management.

COACT Economic Development Success

One of COACT’s economic development partners met with a major rail line for introductory conversations and project potential discussions for their county and region. The meeting was held with two influencers who had different responsibilities related to projects in the region. As a result, the client was able to have several insights to other opportunities, and will be following up with information relevant to both parties. The client and COACT will continue to keep the relationship in the forefront of the prospect mind’s ongoing.

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