March 2017 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Strategy & Growth

COACT Generates 10 New Introductions for Metal Fabrication Client

COACT was able to match new opportunities with a metal fabrication client’s travel calendar, resulting in 10 new introductions in the month of February. 7 of these are turning into quote opportunities, and 4 of these are in a new target market.

COACT Expedites Buying Cycle for Client

COACT has been engaged with a client for about a year, and through a strategic rhythm of touchpoints, has established them as a leading service provider in the metals industry. Their industry typically has a long buying cycle, and throughout their work with us, COACT continued to learn about decision makers, developed coaches and uncovered projects and quotes for our client. Now a year into the campaign, COACT was expedite some of the buying cycle for the client.

New Pilot Program for Tech Company with Chemical Manufacturer

A COACT client focused on providing technology in hazardous environments was able to break into the corporate entity of a global chemical manufacturer, resulting in a pilot program being launched. If the program is successful and launched, this would be a top 5 customer for the client.

5 New Opportunities for Interoffice Connectivity Company

COACT generated 5 new opportunities for a communications client within a regional multisite targeted list. Of these opportunities, 2 have the potential to be top 10 customers, and 1 additional prospect could be a top 5 customer for the COACT client.

Long-Standing Client in Volatile Industry Reaps Fruits of COACT’s Labor in 2017

One of our long-standing client works in a volatile industry went through a national decline in 2016.  However, COACT was able to maintain contact with high-level decision makers and maintain the relationship through the decline. In 2017, the industry has been increasing, and through the work that COACT did in 2016, the client was positioned for several projects and discussions with key decision makers.

COACT Profiles Complex Buying System of and Develops Relationships with Investor-Owned Utility Organization for Construction Client

Working with a leading heavy civil site firm, COACT has a high value target approach with utilities: identifying and prospecting decision makers involved with projects that will involve moving earth in several different project types. COACT reached out to one of the largest electric power holding companies in the United States that supplies and delivers electricity and natural gas to millions of customers in the Southeast and Midwest. Identifying 2 major plant site project managers and determining their potential decision-making power, two conference call opportunities were generated. In these two opportunities, the client will be able to introduce services that apply to each regional decision maker and possibly engage on several key projects at the facilities in the next fiscal year.

Process Equipment Company Has Fast Start—and 6 New Opportunities

Recently, a process design engineering firm retained COACT for business growth services related to the development of potential end users in key manufacturing process industries. With significant depth in their experience and background, the client invited COACT to assist in targeting their existing past customer list, in addition to building out the list in the key industries of metals, food, and paper processing.

COACT identified 6 processing equipment opportunities within the first three weeks of calls. These opportunities have opened up the client to several new relationships, rediscovered contacts that had not thought of the client in a long time, and introduced prospects the client had worked with in the past to the full range of their services. COACT was able to ask key questions to build interest and curiosity and secured commitment with major manufacturers for this client.

Industrial Supply Company Has New Opportunity with Private Education System

In reaching out to a Director of Facilities at a large, 2-campus, 40-acre private school system, the industrial supply client connected with a familiar decision maker. Looking to learn more about programs where the client could provide training and solutions, COACT identified a key area, and the client was invited to present and work with the teams, implementing new equipment and supplies directly. The opportunity will likely lead to new annuity business and boost recognition of the depth and breadth of resources the client can provide to the prospects.

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