January 2017 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Strategy and Growth

AEC Firm Lands Meeting with Fortune 50 Pharma Client

In working with an organization that provides design and program management services, COACT has been developing corporate-level relationships with Fortune 500 organizations.  COACT recently set a meeting at the headquarters of a Top 50 pharmaceutical company.  The company’s subsidiaries operate 121 manufacturing facilities occupying approximately 21.3 million square feet of floor space across 60+ countries. COACT identified a senior manager responsible for capital projects and construction, then introduced our client, and through conversations, identified the delivery method stages and integration preferences of the company. Finally, COACT set a meeting for our client and prepared an organizational and opportunity profile for our client to prepare for the upcoming meeting.

COACT Sets 17 Meetings for ISV

COACT launched a campaign with a POS software client to build a channel partner network enhancing the regional coverage of the existing channel. Within the first 3 months of the engagement, COACT was able to gain commitment on 17 new introductions for potential resellers in the selected markets, with several committing to joining the network after the initial call.

Machining Company Lands Major Meeting

COACT was able to identify a new high-value target local to a metal fabrication client that has the potential to develop into a top 10 customer with repeat business. COACT introduced the client’s capabilities and learned they could cover 90% of the needs of the prospect, who is a division of a large medical device manufacturer.

COACT Connects Economic Development Client to Local Company to Discuss Property Development

COACT recently connected one if its economic development clients to a local business owner to discuss property development. They are interested in assistance with developing property in the area to attract new business opportunities and jobs to the region.

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