Is Print Communication Making a Comeback?

Lauren Smieszek - Marketing Administrative Assistant


Since I have worked at COACT, I have noticed there is less enthusiasm from our clients when we discuss the concept of a printed piece. But can I really blame them? We live in an age of advanced technology: websites aren’t just “business cards” anymore, emails are all the rage, and social media has taken over. While I find this advancement incredibly exciting, I find it equally sad that the printed piece has fallen to the wayside.

Back in May of this year, our Director of Operations, Jennifer Nietz, received some mail from a local print company telling us about their new capabilities. Not an uncommon thing for a marketing company like us to receive, but unfortunately, they had addressed that mail to the wrong person and department. The fortunate thing is that this shop sent a creative, engaging and personalized piece that attracted the attention of our Director of Operations enough that she felt the need to pass it along to the right person. Had this been an email, it most likely would still be sitting, unread and forgotten, in our inboxes with hundreds of other emails intent on trying to sell us their services.

Our last month’s Business Builders video went in depth about the “Power of the Note.” This is a lost art of correspondence outside of today’s numerous communication technologies. As we become more technology-based, the handwritten thank you card can set you apart. We are encouraged to write at least one thank you note a day, which can lead to sending 200 handwritten notes in a year! A small, simple task that makes a person feel even more important. People work with people that do little, special things. Sending a note to check in with someone can result in business you’ve never dreamed of.

We obviously want awareness, but how can we really differentiate ourselves or our clients from any other company out there? A nicely designed and well thought out website is expected these days, but what can we do beyond that to really get people engaged and transported? This is why I think print and non-technological forms of communication will make a comeback: because they’re tangible and offer another type of experience different from digital.

Which is why I love our marketing waves: we believe in the value of them.

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