IBISWorld Report About Emerging Tech Industries

Michelle Philippon - Business Development Specialist

In a recent IBISWorld report about emerging tech industries, you can explore how disruptive technology has positively impacted four specific sectors for the past five years.

E-Commerce & Online Auctions Industry

  • IBISWorld highlights how chatbots are now being used by the e-commerce and online auctions industry to make things more convenient for consumers and increase company profits.
  • Chatbots, a software solution, communicate with customers and help them do things like inquire about their personal styles and make educated suggestions for what to buy.
  • Since 63.0% of consumers (per Research Now) just use 1-5 apps per day, e-commerce and online auctions companies like Uber and Flowers.com can now combine their sales in one place through chatbots.
  • IBISWorld suggests that chatbots will help this industry to continue growing at an annualized rate of 4.4% over the next five years ($366.2 billion).

Tractors & Agricultural Machinery Industry

  • The agricultural machinery industry is poised to change significantly – especially as evidenced by the launch of CNH Industrial’s autonomous tractor concept.
  • This concept uses driverless technology to boost production and productivity and could bring about more demand for new tractor technologies.
  • It’s even suggested that “these tractors have the potential to reverse industry revenue trends,” this reports states.

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