Jennifer Nietz - Director of Operations


Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the AA-ISP First Annual UNITE Conference in Las Vegas.  This was the association’s first gathering of inside sales frontline reps and their leadership.  I was honored at the end of the conference to sit on a panel recapping the conference with the attendees, and I thought I would share my experience with you during this newsletter edition.

This has been my forth major AA-ISP conference, and boy, have things changed in our industry!  During my first Leadership Summit three years ago, the theme was culture.  Building an accommodating culture for millennials was what our companies ran out and strived for.  Tools, contests, flex schedules, and casual dress, here we come. Looking back on this now and meeting other organizations at these events will lead me to believe we did this; most of us have got this right and figured out.

Then came the challenge of data.  What are we going to do with all this data in our CRM?  What data are we collecting?   Where should we get data?  My second Leadership Summit was about the challenge of big data.  It was all the buzz, everywhere, not just inside sales.  This caused our technology providers and our CRM providers to get smarter and more strategic.  The ability to capture data and then report out with robust analytics platforms became critical to our operations.

Finally, my last Leadership Summit in April was about automation.  Automation overload is what I like to refer to it as.  Automating emails, automating calls, and automating reports; automation was everywhere.  This caused a lot of organizations to sprint to automate; however, as an industry, I felt we got kind of sloppy.  I even saw it in the sales professionals that were reaching out to COACT.

At UNITE, this year, I witnessed something exciting.  Strategy! Process!  Conversation was around implementing strategic tools to help us strategically work our campaigns.  Organizations were challenged by industry leaders to implement daily processes in their work as leaders, and as reps! Even if they are simple checklists. The theme was giving your teams the most strategic approaches to get to the sale faster but in the most strategic way possible.  This is a very exciting time to be an inside sales leader.

I am looking forward to attending the next Leadership Summit in April to see our industry mature even more.  I encourage anyone that is intrigued by this type of content and conversation to look into joining, at the very least, your local chapter of AA-ISP.

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