October 2016 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Strategy and Growth

New Product Launch is Highly Successful

A COACT client recently added a new cloud-based product to their solution suite. Within a week, COACT was able to build this into the messaging to the market and follow up on existing relationships to transition several potential new opportunities for the client. This includes three opportunities that could potentially be new customers because of the new product and also possibly lead to ongoing, repetitive revenue.

Engineering Client Lands New Contract in O&G

COACT was able to develop a strong relationship within a top refinery company. Through these developed relationships, COACT facilitated high-level communication between the client and the refinery company, resulting in multiple meetings and ongoing communication while the refinery focuses on process improvement and utilizing this client as a partner.

Client Gains New Industrial Supplies Manufacturer

COACT was able to connect a client to one of their high-value targets in the jan/san industry.  After building a well-developed relationship with the prospect, COACT was able to pick up on key buying signals and use strategic messaging to show the value our client could bring against its competitors.  The prospect has now identified our client as a top choice, has the opportunity to join our client’s group, and will benefit from the growth opportunities it will bring.

Personal Care Manufacturer Considers Site

COACT has connected with a food, drug and personal care products manufacturer in another region who has considered the Ohio and Indiana area in the past.  While the local economic development director is travelling for a conference, COACT set a meeting for the economic development organization to meet with this long-term prospect in a key industry of experience. There are several assets that will be discussed and an opportunity to speak further about future business prospects face-to-face.

IT Client Meets with Major Manufacturer

COACT successfully set a meeting for an IT client with a major manufacturer of residential windows and doors. The client provided an introduction and positioned themselves as a technology provider that could reduce costs and increase efficiency for the prospect.  This client hopes to be a provider of choice when current contract expires.

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