September 2016 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Strategy & Growth

Introduction with Large Healthcare Organization

An A/E/C client has engaged COACT to provide strategic outreach to a select number of high-value target healthcare entities across the country. By properly leveraging its client’s experience, capabilities, and office location, COACT was able to generate enough interest from the prospect to meet with the client to discuss future projects. This has been a very successful campaign for the client, generating a number of significant opportunities.


POS Client Launches New Product

COACT positioned an opportunity for a client to introduce a new product to a potential channel partner. The prospect was aware of the COACT client but had not learned about a new product and how easy it was to order when compared to past experience with the client. COACT was able to discuss the value of the new product and the improvements made to the ordering process within the client’s operations, leading to the recovery of a past customer for the COACT client.


Client Bids on Auto 4-Year Program

COACT positioned a client in the metal fabrication industry to bid on a 4-year program with a leading supplier of tubular products to the automotive OEM market.


COACT Connects Distribution Client to National Safety Supplier for Membership

COACT recently connected one if its clients to a national supplier of safety and packaging products. They will have the opportunity to join our client and provide considerable growth opportunity in the safety products market. With 20 locations across the country, this prospect will be a great fit.


COACT leads Wage & Benefit Initiative for Local ED Team

COACT is working with a local economic development team to lead an initiative for a benchmarking survey on wages and benefits for the area.  Focused on one county in particular, a list was assembled, the survey was made available using the internet, and a plan was made for a 5-week blast to area companies. This Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) initiative is a partnership between the local economic development team and workforce services unit and the regional partner. It will help the local organizations learn more about where their company fits in the mix compared to other companies in the region.

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