Why Would You Want to Leap
Off a Perfectly Good Platform?

Elizabeth Murawski - Account Executive


“Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others.” ― Robert Louis Stevenson

There we stood: a merry band of five, geared up in harnesses, hard hats strapped tight and our smart clips in hand. We marched up the tower steps leading to the course our leader had thought would be a “great excursion for our COACT Management team.”

Trying and failing to mask our nervousness and excitement, we stood in a little half circle learning how a smart clip works, and practicing how to attach ourselves to the thin cable protecting us from falling to the ground 30-40 feet below. Typical of our group, sarcasm and wit was the collective response to the question, “How do you all support each other as a team?” Following the subsequent laughter, we lined up, and took our first steps onto the suspension bridge.

The COACT AE (Account Executive) team is a close bunch – we’ve worked together for a few years, known the good and less than awesome times of a company and seen the comings and goings brought on by managing a team together. At COACT, our account executives are responsible for the campaign strategy of our clients, the lists of prospects, and the development of the plans to break into these organizations.  As any sales leader knows, having a great team of people to support the goals and objectives outlined is essential. Having a great group of peers to engage and check yourself against makes you a better and stronger leader. While putting us 30 feet in the air and clinging to some logs was not necessary to solidify our bond as a leadership team, it did give us some perspectives about this cohort of COACT AEs.

Along the SkyBridge and on the platforms of the Challenge Towers, there were traits of adventurers listed.  These included:  Focus. Preparedness. Conviction. Perseverance. Creativity. Curiosity. Resilience. Risk taking. Each of us found a little of these in ourselves and were inspired by these traits shining in the others. At different stages we overcame the fears of falling, then adjusting to the heights as we rose over the course. Daily, we are taking risks – challenging each other and clients on strategy, developing conversations with prospects that will lead to brand new, ideal relationships for our clients.  Each challenge we take on, we know our teams are there to support our work.

Ending the course at the Toledo Zoo exhibit was a zip line, taking us all back to the original tower where we started.  Gaining speed, you wonder how to slow things down, but realize that it is the speed and process that allows you to get from 80 feet up to the original platform.  Ironically, the thing that scared us at the start was now just the way back.

Cheering ourselves at the finish was fun, and the views were amazing.  But the course leaves one last item for you to challenge yourself on.  Clamp on to a rope and jump. This is where we recognized the value of our teammates, and where the real challenge came into play.  Why would you want to leap off a perfectly good platform? Well, the experience is yours to take; but the reward, comradery and bravery in that step lead to a satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

To do that as a team was the best part.

Questions or comments? Please contact Elizabeth Murawski at emurawski@teamCOACT.com