August 2016 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Strategy & Growth

Plant Relocation for International Chemicals and Plastics Manufacturer

COACT prospected and identified key players within a global manufacturer of specialty chemicals and plastics, and was also able to uncover a very large upcoming plant relocation project. COACT effectively positioned its client by introducing the client’s value propositions and relevant experience, and also coordinated the meeting between the client and the prospect. This opportunity has also opened the dialogue for potential future domestic work for our client.

COACT’s Successful Attraction Campaign for Economic Development Organization

Working with a regional economic development agency, the COACT campaign assisted in identifying the targets for key greenfield locations with certain advantageous assets. COACT developed a list of the top players in a manufacturing market, locating operational, site selection, financial and facility related personnel. During the course of our calls, a voicemail placed to the SVP of Operations and Logistics of a leading dairy manufacturer lead to a return call.  Communicating via email and through an assistant, COACT concentrated key points of interest and arranged an appointment for the client to discuss further potential regional expansion opportunities. As a result, the client has been able to conduct several additional awareness conversations and will be maintaining the relationship as the manufacturer enters their capital planning stages over the next 18-24 months.

5 New Demo and Intro. Meetings for POS Manufacturer

COACT developed 5 new demo and introduction meetings for a POS manufacturer. COACT targets a national audience for the client and was able to engage 5 new potential resellers in 4 different states across the country. Each prospect has the potential to expand into multiple product lines and cover a large territory of end user prospects for the COACT client.

COACT Introduces New POS Partner to Payment Processing Provider

COACT built a relationship with a high-value target in a major metro location resulting in a demo opportunity for the client. Ultimately, COACT helped position a meeting at the RSPA RetailNOW show and coordinated a demo unit for the prospect to utilize. COACT was able to build the brand, resulting in a quick onboarding of a new partner for the client.

COACT Connects Packaging Equipment Client to Large Regional Manufacturer in the Midwest

COACT recently connected one if its clients to a large industrial product manufacturer serving the Midwest region. They had the opportunity to provide some operations consulting and quote on some machinery that will help improve automation within the prospect’s manufacturing line. They were also able to quote on some consumable products as well.

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