July 2016 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Strategy and Growth

Introduction and Project Discussion with Major Airline

On behalf of a construction client, COACT identified, contacted, and coordinated a meeting with a key player within a major airline’s design and construction department. The client uncovered a need around airport lounge project work, as well as potential construction at the airline’s corporate offices. The client and prospect maintain an open dialogue with a high probability of completing work together in the future.

POS Client Sees Surge in Demo Opportunities

COACT underwent a major rebrand initiative for one of its POS clients who manufactures hardware.  COACT designed and launched a new website along with marketing to promote it.  The client is now seeing a great increase in inbound opportunities.  COACT also successfully developed 11 opportunities to demo products to the market over the last 30 days.

Equipment OEM Lands Major Opportunity

A custom equipment manufacturer engaged with COACT to investigate additional industries in the Internet of Things (IoT) and other vertical markets.  The client had successfully built an impressive resume in the lighting industry and wanted to approach related markets to validate the need for their proprietary technology.  COACT worked closely with the client to rebrand, launch a new website and develop a strategic target list.  Through COACT’s efforts, the client is finding significant interest in other industries and is now actively discussing a major opportunity with a client produces product for the rapidly growing IoT industry.

Economic Development Group Assists Manufacturing Company 

COACT connected with a medium-sized business in a rural county in northwest Ohio. The business is doing well, manufacturing has been strong, and their pipeline of people is decent.  Besides some workforce issues around training, they have a large initiative to research broadband for the area – a major concern for their business opportunity.  The local economic development team is helping look into the issue and will continue to work with them for the next few months.

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