3D Printers: Prices Down, Demand Up

Michelle Philippon - Business Development Specialist

Per a recent report by IBISWorld research analyst Agiimaa Kruchkin in Manufacturing Tomorrow, the prices for 3D printers are going down while the demand for them continues to rise.

Decline in Prices

In February, IBISWorld estimated that the price of 3D printing machines would fall 6.4% throughout the rest of this year and continue to decline at an annualized rate of 6.1% through 2019.  This is due to a number of factors including: the decline of raw material inputs (aluminum, for instance) on account of weaker demand, growing import penetration, technological advancements, and the continuous flux of new vendors.  Technological advancements in particular allow manufacturers of 3D printing technology to manufacturer and assemble these devices at lower costs.


Rise in Demand

There has been an increase in private investments in new equipment and machinery for industrial manufacturers and B2C retail companies which, in turn, has led to the rise in demand for new 3D printing technology.  R&D expenditure has also risen recently, with similar results.  Additionally, many companies are also beginning to adopt rapid prototyping, and consequently, the changes and innovations being made to 3D printers have brought about a decrease in manufacturing costs.
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