June 2016 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Strategy & Growth

Introductions with Top Banking and Financial Organization

A facility design and construction client has engaged with COACT to expand its presence within the financial and banking markets. COACT prospected within one of the world’s largest banking organizations and identified a key decision maker for one of its regional offices. The conversation that the prospect had with the client ended up leading to additional referrals within the system for potential work. In the future, this initial engagement has the possibility of leading into a national agreement.

New $3M Bid Opportunity for Metal Fabrication Client

COACT brought a metal fabrication client a $3M bid opportunity with a leading manufacturer of steel and forged aluminum wheels for vehicles ranging from commercial trucks and trailers to pickup trucks.

COACT Connects Industrial Supplier Client to Large Regional Manufacturer in Midwest

COACT recently connected one if its clients to a large industrial product manufacturer serving the Midwest region. They had the opportunity to provide some operations consulting and quote some machinery that will help improve automation within the prospect’s manufacturing line. They were also able to quote on some consumable products as well.

Payment Processing Merchant Services Provider Increases Reach in POS Industry

A COACT client that is introducing a new unit into the POS industry has developed 20 new relationships over the last few quarters, resulting in a major boost to brand awareness within their partner channel. The client has been targeting a list of very selected high-value targets and is seeing a major push to gain market share within the channel.

POS Hardware Manufacturer Develops 20+ VAR Partnerships in 1 Month

A COACT client was connected with 21 potential reseller partners in the last month. There has been a major push with this client to get new product information into the market over the last few months to both new and existing partners. COACT has also been involved in marketing demo units to identified high-value targets to push the brand forward at the end user level. Additional support has been provided for trade show marketing and website development to compliment the sales efforts.

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