May 2016 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Strategy & Growth

Engineering Client Lands Corporate Presentation

COACT secured a corporate presentation with a multibillion dollar food and beverage manufacturer for our client that performs controls automation. The timing was perfect as this prospect used to have a decentralized decision making process, but after consultation with COACT, it was recommended we pursue the prospect at the corporate level to learn more.  After further research, the COACT team was able to learn that decisions were going to be moving into a centralized process. Since then, we have positioned our client at the forefront of this development.

Relationship Reestablished with Major Refining Company

A COACT client was able to reconnect with a major refining company that is an ideal customer. Previously, they had not worked together for nearly 20 years. COACT was able to coordinate a lunch and learn to discuss capabilities and where there would be mutually beneficial work over the next few years. Additionally, the prospect learned about several additional areas of expertise that they were unaware of due to the length of time out of communication with the COACT client. Moving forward, our client will be quoting on short term projects within the next few weeks and will be involved in a major maintenance and upgrade project over the course of the next two years. This could potentially be a top 10 customer within the year for this COACT client.

Refinery Giant Expected to Launch Tablets

A manufacturer of industrial tablets has partnered with COACT to promote its unique product within the chemical market. COACT has been able to identify numerous key players within a major refining and chemical organization, most of which are located at the headquarters and major sites. The chemical organization is on the front-end of a corporate-wide mobility initiative and is expected to begin purchasing units from the tablet manufacturer.

Economic Development Group Promotes Food Enterprise Zone

In an awareness campaign effort, COACT has been developing an understanding of food manufacturing companies for a project supporting a major regional development initiative across 5 sites in northwest Ohio.  After list development, COACT identified one of the largest food manufacturers for ice cream-related products.  Following an introduction call to a C-suite associate, COACT received a call back regarding potential growth and market research and secured an opportunity for the regional economic development team to conduct a call to introduce both the region and market.  The outcomes from this meeting will be a follow up discussion and possible regional visit to the northwest Ohio area.

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