5 Ways to Use LinkedIn for
B2B Sales and Marketing

Michelle Philippon - Business Development Specialist


Over the past few years, LinkedIn has grown to become one of the most important social media platforms in the world of B2B sales and marketing.  An estimated 80% of social media leads now come from LinkedIn, 94% of B2B companies post content on it, and 63% of marketing firms have rated LinkedIn to be the most effective medium for B2B social media.  Companies such as HubSpot, GE, and Microsoft have built significant brand awareness, published marketing content, and generated leads through their solidified and extensive LinkedIn company pages and strategies.

With the importance and widespread influence of LinkedIn on the rise, it is more important now than ever that B2B firms have a robust presence on LinkedIn.  Here are five tips for how to use LinkedIn to increase your B2B sales and marketing:

1 – Have a Consistent, Compelling Company Page

Use your LinkedIn company page to convey your brand, succinctly summarize your company and your services and/or products, and drive traffic to your website.  LinkedIn has a great platform with how-to videos, best practices, and other helpful advice about how to create a compelling company page.  As Kissmetrics notes, some key standards for your company page include: using imagery that encapsulates your firm and creates interest, as well as having a concise company description directed right at your target audience.

Also make sure to include a link to your LinkedIn company page on your website.  You can easily add a Follow button on your website so that people can easily follow your LinkedIn page with a quick click.

2 – Use a Showcase Page to Highlight a Particular Brand, Business Unit, or Initiative

If you want to highlight a specific product, company brand or division, LinkedIn also makes it possible for you to have a Showcase Page in addition to your regular company page.  Think of your showcase page as being analogous to a landing page you might create for a new or specific product or initiative.  As an example of a firm which utilizes showcase pages widely, check out Microsoft.  They have various Showcase Pages such as: Skype for Business, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Visual Studio.

3 – Create Effective Marketing Content and Share It

If you have an effective content marketing strategy, you can use LinkedIn to distribute captivating and relevant content aimed at your target market through various places in LinkedIn.  The importance here is its efficacy; when done well, you can really establish your brand, drive customer engagement, and bring in new prospects.

Through the use of LinkedIn Pulse, it is now very easy to share marketing content and articles that your company followers and employees’ contacts can see.  In addition, you can share videos, blog posts, and infographics—all linked to your website—on your company page.  These will pop up in the LinkedIn newsfeed and garner the notice of potential customers.

4 – Leverage your Employees to Share Content, Build your Brand, and Connect with Prospects

Regardless of your employees’ position titles or roles within your firm, any of your employees on LinkedIn can act as brand ambassadors.  At COACT, we all tailor our job descriptions to consistently follow our specific brand.  We also share the content posted on our LinkedIn company page with all of our followers.  Let’s say that each of your employees has an estimated 100 LinkedIn connections per person.  If your company has 50 employees, you could potentially extend your company reach to around 5,000 people!

5 – Join Relevant LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is now replete with numerous networking groups—some private and some public—which you can join based on your profession or industry.  As a member of a group, you can not only make new possible connections, but you can also share your marketing content to all of the members of your group.  Some networking groups also share links to relevant news articles or videos that keep you up-to-date about the changes going on in your industry.

In addition to these five tips, there are numerous other ways you can use LinkedIn not only as a company, but as a member of the sales or marketing team.  For more information, I recommend that you check out LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions. They walk you through how to build a LinkedIn marketing strategy and use tools such as sponsored updates, sponsored InMail, display ads, and text ads.

Also, if you haven’t already, make sure to follow COACT Associates on LinkedIn for more information about how to grow your business and expand your market.

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