Happy New Prospecting!

Elizabeth Murawski - Account Executive

WHEW! We’re through the Christmas and Holiday Season. So, now that we are all getting down to business and planning our years or starting the implementation of the planning that occurred in those last few months – what are your goals? In all of those plans, how much of it is dedicated to development of new and existing markets and did you define your process for getting all the touches needed?

I know my clients trust COACT to make sure our touchpoints are timely, effective and relevant. We plan our touchpoints appropriately apart, but also count on the phone calls to drip onto our markets. These strategic, relevant touchpoints all create an impression with our prospects. Recently, I read an article that it takes seven touchpoints to get the attention of a prospect.

In our daily lives, we are all so immune to people trying to get our attention. In my mom circles, we text each other and do not hear back for a few weeks at a time, only to realize that we never actually hit send. “Mom-brain” we call it. But really, has it become so acceptable to not follow up with our important people that we just let top prospects not respond?

As we launch our 2016 work let us step back and focus on how we will reach our prospects and plan those seven touch points. A content marketer for an article I read from one of our tools, SalesLoft, put it best when she said, “A well-oiled process of at least 7 touches can be the determining factor behind the connection with a sales-ready lead. Take each step as a unique opportunity to prospect with sincerity, add value to conversations, and connect those sales-ready leads that will convert.” COACT’s process is the well-oiled machine, and we can’t wait to get started on this year’s new opportunities.

Questions or comments? Please contact Elizabeth Murawski at emurawski@teamCOACT.com.