2016’s Top Growth Industries

Jennifer Nietz - Director of Operations

Most of the time it’s not about what you’re offering to the market – it’s about what market is a good fit for your offering. Determining that market is not an easy task by any means, but it does take some time and planning. Guess what?! It’s September and time to start having those conversations with your sales and marketing teams. In this month’s industry report out I thought I would give some insight into 2016 and the top growth industries for revenue as well as establishments. I hope the following information will maybe get the conversation started.

At the beginning of the year I did some research on growing industries and actually taking a look into 2016. There is not much change on the Top 5 Industries in % Establishment Growth.

Is the above surprising to me? No not really? Some of these industries are new to me, and my guess is that these have few establishments to begin with like Distilleries and Video Game Software Publishing. In a growth year I would guess that growth to well surpass that of the previous year’s because it was small to begin with. However, I was surprised with the Top 5 Industries by % Revenue Growth in 2016. Keep in mind these industries are reflective of the markets in the US and not abroad.

Surprised? If you offer a product or service (and one that you already have and don’t have to create) that can be used in the Oil, Gas, and Petroleum industries it’s time to get a robust plan in place.

Happy Planning!

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