A Story of Growing and Thriving People Culture

Elizabeth Murawski - Account Executive


In ­15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, John Maxwell talks about the Law of Environment where growth, both personal and professional, thrives in conducive surroundings. Maxwell states, “If you are in a positive growth environment, be grateful.  Thank the people who have helped to create it, and reward them by striving to reach your potential.  …And if you are a leader, do everything in your power to grow yourself and create the right environment in which others can grow.  It will be the best investment you ever made as a leader.”

As one of our up-and-coming Account Executives wrote in her certification research paper, the Client/Account Team dynamic is essential to our campaigns’ successes.  She revealed that the importance of people’s relationships internally at an organization create an environment that will lead to growth.  In her research, Geoff Colvin, Senior Editor of Fortune Magazine outlines a few of the secrets to holding onto the best industry talent in his article “How to Build the Perfect Workplace.” Summarizing Colvin, the secret to the perfect workplace is relationship-based, not transaction-based.

I can think of no better example of being able to grow an environment based on relationships than my own recent experience.  My young family suffered the loss of one of our twin boys while I was pregnant late this spring. In most organizations of our size, the importance of the work we do for our clients will always come first; but the company rallied around my little family – breaking away from the office for a large part of the day to help us mourn, and celebrate my son’s life.  I knew I was going to get the time I needed to recharge and grieve; I knew I’d have a few weeks to get used to having newborns in the house again and help our toddler adjust.  But, I was unprepared for the impact of having my COACT family right there with me.  Of hugging my co-workers, crying on their shoulders and the impact of having them there not just in body (a transaction), but being THERE for my family – I was renewed.

It was humbling to have our work put on hold for a few hours that day.  The time my COACT family took to honor our relationship with one another became a huge part of my ability to heal and return to work.  My life has changed dramatically with the addition of all of my boys, but the best part of coming back to this place was and is the relationships built.  I cannot thank them enough, but hope to honor the gift COACT gives me by living up to my potential, and as a leader – create an environment that others want to grow.

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