Manufacturing Growth in the Midwest

Jennifer Nietz - Director of Operations

I recently came across some content that was published coming out of the 29th Annual Survey of Corporate Executives.  This is conducted by Area Development which has been an excellent resource for the latest US expansions.  The findings are very exciting to me as some of the main conclusions that are being drawn out have to do with the expansion and growth of manufacturing in the Midwest.  The Midwest in this instance is IL, IN, MI, OH, and WI.  The survey showed the 20% of all new domestic facilities planned will be located in the Midwest vs. only 17% in the South, which is the second highest region.

Why? The leadership in the Midwest has gone back to the roots of the Midwest and this area of our country and truly embracing the heritage that exists here.  What we are seeing is changes in tax codes, modifications to business regulations, improved highway infrastructure, and measures for growing and improving their existing skilled workforce. How is this area of the region going to sustain – listening to the corporations that occupy this area and focusing on the business retention.  The below graphs specifically highlight the manufacturing industries in each state and the percentage makeup of those.





Over the past two months we are seeing a significant uptick in the amount of spending occurring for new facilities and facility expansions in the Midwest and South regions.  If you are looking to develop relationships with the organizations that are building in these regions please let us know.  We would be happy to assist you in this endeavor.

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