August 2015 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Strategy & Growth

New Division for COACT Client

A COACT AEC Client looked at its current portfolio and identified customers that they felt had the opportunity to grow their market share.  A large chemical manufacturer with multiple divisions was named as a High Value Target. The COACT client currently works within one of its divisions which operates independently from other areas of the company. COACT built an organization profile of the entire organization and made introductions for its client. The conversation shed light on the organizational structure of the new division and the steps required to do business.

COACT Connects Technology Client to 250+ Unit Opportunity with Canadian Reseller

COACT was able to identify an opportunity to for one of our POS manufacturer clients to move 250+ units of product with a notable Canadian reseller. COACT was able to assist in coordinating efforts with our client, a large distributor and the reseller. There is still opportunity for additional units as well.

Local Manufacturer Partners with Economic Development

During the process of working for a regional economic development group for retention and expansion efforts, COACT reached out to a larger, local parts manufacturer. In reviewing services, we identified the opportunity for our director to meet and reacquaint with their leadership. As a result of the discussion, the Client is able to provide some assistance regarding a staffing project and additional services the Prospect will need. The long-term opportunity will lead to a strengthened relationship between the company and the region as a key leader and employer.

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