July 2015 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Strategy & Growth

COACT Engineering Client Meets with Large Midwestern Power Company

COACT was able to set three separate meetings with one of the nation’s largest combination utilities for a global engineering client. COACT worked closely with the client for several weeks to develop an account action plan, in which priorities were set for specific individuals and divisions. The company was a past client of the engineering firm and COACT helped to reestablish communications, as well as engage “new” groups within the organization. The client is now expecting to expand their work within the organization.

Contractor Wins Work with New Healthcare Provider

A COACT client in the disaster cleanup industry was able to perform emergency work with a new client due to the relationship our COACT team had developed with the prospect. The prospect had our client top of mind at the time of the emergency situation. Due to this successful outreach into a specialized market, COACT is positioning the client as a healthcare expert to hundreds of healthcare-related companies in this highly competitive market.

Top Reseller Partnerships Established

A COACT client is targeting new partners to grow their market share with the release of a new product in a very competitive market. COACT was able to introduce the client to several potential partners by positioning the new product and the COACT client’s support services. Multiple ongoing relationships were developed which will result in month over month sales.

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