The Power of Video Marketing

Christian Pokrywka - Videographer/Graphic Specialist

Gone are the days of conveying your message solely through potentially bland white papers, wordy newsletters or even your website content. While each of these vehicles has their benefits in certain regards, the go-to way to get your message out to any audience these days is through video.

Video marketing is a relatively new concept when compared to the length of time other forms of marketing vehicles have been around such as direct mail, print ads, search and display ads, and email. But don’t let this novel form of marketing fool you. With the constant evolution of technology, it is now easier than ever to create videos and implement them across all marketing platforms. Smartphone companies such as Apple and Samsung are consistently releasing more streamlined technologies into the world every six to twelve months. With each new release, smart phones’ video capabilities grow by leaps and bounds. Prosumer cameras, such as Canon and Nikon DSLR’s continually drop in price every year as well and are compatible with a wide range of lenses, taking the quality of your message to the next level. The power of video is now available to be harnessed by more people than ever before.

At COACT, we strongly believe video goes hand-in-hand with our other marketing vehicles. We personally utilize video for our Client Advocacy Program (CAP), which is a collection of short, 2-3 minute videos of clients discussing how COACT has helped grow their businesses. Examples can be seen here. We’ve also been able to develop product showcase and company spotlight videos for clients. Other unique ways video can benefit your business is by visually showcasing case studies and the solutions they provide for your clients, helping people better understand what your company does and its corporate values, highlighting new product launches, and regularly engaging current and prospective clients via short videos on your company blog or social media pages.

Below is a great infographic from highlighting just a few of the many benefits video marketing brings to the table:

When it was first introduced, video was often expensive and time consuming. Additionally, the poor quality of standard definition made it rarely worth the hassle. But fast forward to today and you’ll find that creating video continues to be cheaper and easier than ever before. Implementing video into your current marketing practices opens the potential for your messages to be more impactful and consumed by a wider audience. Most modern computers come with a free, basic video editing program. And with today’s cell phones equipped with high definition cameras, everyone has a powerful tool right in their purse or pocket to assist in delivering their message. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and experiment with this novel form of marketing and harness its true potential to expand and grow your business!

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