Growth in 2015

Jennifer Nietz - Director of Operations

Spring is just around the corner! What a great reminder to us about growth and renewal. As I look at our clients’ strategy in 2015, one of the first things I like to do is look at the industries that are experiencing the highest growth and determining if my client can support those industries. Below are a series of different tables that show the top growth industries for 2015 in a number of different categories.

Top 5 Industries for Revenue Growth
Domestic Demand Growth
Wind Turbine Manufacturing in the US 32.82
Communication Equipment Manufacturing in the US 27.29
Gypsum Product Manufacturing in the US 13.14
Beekeeping in the US 12.08
Sustainable Building Material Manufacturing in the US 11.78
Top 5 Industries – Establishments Growth
Establishment Growth (%)
Wood Framing in the US 14.08
Sustainable Building Material Manufacturing in the US 13.85
Distilleries in the US 12.63
Wineries in the US 10.79
Video Game Software Publishing in the US 9.01
Top 5 Industries – Domestic Demand Growth
Revenue Growth (%)
Wind Turbine Manufacturing in the US 27.57
Solar Power in the US 19.17
Real Estate Appraisal in the US 18.21
VoIP in the US 17.62
Industrial Banks in the US 14.79

The above data and information clearly shows that demand and growth in the material manufacturing space as structural growth, both industrial and residential, is on the increase COACT is consistently monitoring growth industries and looking to incorporate into our campaigns where it makes sense for our campaign strategy. We are very interested in working with you to identify the industries that make the most sense for your organization.

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