April 2015 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Strategy & Growth

Integrated Email Campaign Drives Results with Significant Impact

A technology-based COACT client with new product offerings needed ‘show-and-tell’ functionality with strong visual and video properties, intended to significantly improve impact with prospects. Sent to a mixed list of prospects, COACT has developed an email campaign with the option and intent for product ordering. The results have been very positive. We have seen over double the average click-through rates of normal email marketing – increasing brand engagement and increasing sales of the product.

Major Electronics Manufacturer Introduction

A COACT contract manufacturing client specializing in highly advanced electronics manufacturing was recently introduced to a major aerospace prospect with multiple divisions. After initial introductions, COACT is pursuing plant level contacts to rapidly expand the relationship within the overall organization and uncover additional production opportunities.

Equipment Manufacturing Client Connected to Leading Steel Processor

COACT connected one of its Process Equipment Manufacturing clients to one of the largest metal processing service centers in the US. Beginning with an introductory meeting, the COACT client has converted the opportunity into several quotes for large, custom manufactured machinery. It will also provide numerous opportunities for ongoing support and design work as well.

Large Automotive OEM Meets and Selects COACT Client for Ongoing Support

A COACT client who performs total industrial and facility cleaning gained a meeting with an automotive OEM. The meeting will result in a bid for ongoing maintenance support work. COACT has successfully developed relationships for our clients in the automotive OEM space and has successfully penetrated and built value in these commoditized purchasing environments.

Regional Development Organization Connects to Tier 1 Rail Organization

A regionally located vice president has worked with a COACT Economic Development agency leader in the past, but had not been connected to them for a few years.  As rumors of project potential and facility discussions occurred, COACT researched and reconnected with Rail Organization leadership – fostering an opportunity to schedule time with the COACT ED organization. In addition to rebuilding a connection, COACT was able to learn about upcoming considerations and current company state in preparation for the client meeting.

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