I Love the People I Work With

Jason Rager - Account Executive

No seriously, I love my co-workers. The below was taken from COACT’s Core Values.

“We will recruit, develop, and retain associates passionate about careers in business leadership, process consulting, professional sales and marketing.”

Now that I’ve been with COACT for 4 years, I’ve seen some great people come through our doors. More than I can ever remember, the team of people we have today embodies the second half of this statement to its fullest extent. The passion our team brings to work on a daily basis is incredible to see. One of the most common questions I’m asked about COACT is, what makes us different? My first answer is our process. While I think this is a very true and valid answer, by itself it is incomplete. Without the amazing people we have on this team, our process would only be the beginning of something great! I believe we’ve recognized that people are first, as a culture and as a corporate entity. All of our client-facing employees have, at least, a bachelor’s degree; several have also obtained post-graduate degrees, whether in business administration or in organization development.

We fearlessly pursue a better way – we seek to continuously improve our current condition (another COACT Core Value). One of our company initiatives this year is to enable our entire sales team to obtain the distinction of Certified Inside Sales Professional (CISP – to learn more about the criteria for CISP, check out http://www.aa-isp.org/CISP-process.php). While we’re only six months into the initiative, we have already seen five of our team members complete this certification. As a side note, we have also had individuals obtain various certifications relevant to their client’s businesses, through major organizations, including Cisco and Avaya.

In addition to the “business case” for how awesome my co-workers are, they’re also unbelievably generous people. As a team, we have 100% participation in donating a portion of our paychecks to the United Way. We also support the Adopt-a-Family initiative every year. On top of this we participate in food drives, clothing drives, and local school support programs helping send kids to camp. We provide countless hours of volunteer service – it’s a blessing to see our team give back; this makes me proud to be a part of this amazing group of people.

As those of you who know COACT are aware, we LOVE to celebrate our achievements. But next to the fun of the celebration is the heartfelt joy each of us share when we accomplish a goal we’ve been pursuing. I am reminded every time we achieve something why I love the people I work with; we are a team in every sense of the word.

Of course, all of this only scratches the surface of what makes our people so awesome! I haven’t even included much of the fun stuff, but those are stories for another day. If you are interested in a few of those stories, check out our team here: http://teamcoact.com/about/meet-the-team.php, or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/teamCOACT.

P.S. If the process part caught your attention, you can find more on that here: http://teamcoact.com/grow/index.php

Questions or comments? Please contact Jason Rager at jrager@teamCOACT.com.