January 2015 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Operations

Exploring the Big Cheese, and Packaging It

A COACT client specializing in packaging supplies and equipment for food manufacturing has an opportunity to discuss solutions for equipment and materials needed with a leading cheese manufacturer in their region. Through the research of COACT, our client is tightly connected with decision makers, holding information that will guide technical conversations.

Considering Expansion, a Medical Equipment Manufacturer Reviews Local Resources 

A large, medical equipment manufacturer was contacted by COACT, on behalf of one of economic development clients. While conducting C-level discussions, the COACT team positioned and introduced our client and its resources, working to learn about potential expansion, employee hiring and investment opportunities. After introducing resources, the prospect determined that it was a good time to have deeper discussions. The COACT client has met with the manufacturer and they are planning a large project for the spring 2015. Our client is assisting in putting together an incentive package for the prospect.

Client Wins Prototyping Opportunity in Large Aerospace Group

A COACT Client has had a win for projects with a large systems manufacturer for a prototyping project in the aerospace industry. For this opportunity, COACT developed high-level relationships within the organization and the contact information was handed to technical, lower-level decision maker. The RFQ has led to an ongoing relationship with our client, which has been selected for other projects that are being considered.

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