December 2014 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Operations

Large Heavy Equipment Manufacturer Needs a Helping Hand

Over the course of two years, COACT has been able to develop a relationship with a key high value target who manufactures large heavy equipment. By developing relationships at a corporate and plant level, COACT was able to identify an opportunity for our client at an early stage of consideration. The COACT client, who provides industrial services, met with and was able to consult with this Fortune 500 Industrial manufacturer and has the opportunity to service 170 lines in the prospect’s manufacturing system.

Top Electronic Consumer Products Manufacturer Considers COACT Client for Design Services

After identifying a new list of high value targets, the COACT team prequalified and positioned an opportunity for one of COACT’s leading architectural and engineering firms with a large electronics consumer products manufacturer. After identifying the head of the global program management in facilities, COACT held a conversation regarding the prospect’s view on Master Service Agreements, and the value and savings that relationship could bring to the prospect. In follow up a week later, COACT reconnected with the decision maker, reinforcing the COACT client’s strong value proposition and helping the prospect identify areas in which our client could be a value-added partner. Additionally, COACT was able to learn that the prospect has oversight on the global capital expense budget for the company and they always have different projects that they are evaluating. Our client and the prospect are now engaged in ongoing discussions, and we expect they will be awarded work in North America in the coming year.

Fortune 500 Paper Products Manufacturer Interested in COACT Capital Equipment Manufacturer

During the course of the conversation, COACT was able to generate an opportunity for a client to sit with corporate and functional levels. The key prospect oversees capital equipment purchasing for three divisions with a manufacturer of paper products for the health and beauty industry. The conversation contributed to our client’s understanding of how the target makes buying decisions, as well as the key items to focus on during the meeting. The preparation for a web-based presentation with the decision maker was completed, and the meeting has been scheduled in the coming days.

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