November 2014 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Operations

COACT Marketing Plan Drives New Product Manufacturer

Through the custom development of a website, several prospects have been able to search and engage one of COACT’s contract manufacturing clients. The website was designed, developed and executed during the course of the COACT campaign startup, and since launch has generated several true lead opportunities for the COACT business development team to pre-qualify and position into a rhythm. A new product manufacturer contacted the COACT team through a website, seeking an introduction for contract manufacturer capabilities and they need to develop the manufacturing process for a new product they are expanding their capabilities around. The COACT client’s products appealed to him as a piece of their process need, and conversations are ongoing when COACT followed up to vet and position the new business opportunity for long-term project work.

COACT Client Products’ Produce the Right Partnership

During a prospect discovery call, COACT located a software manufacturer who specializes in the university/higher education markets. Through the conversation with teamCOACT, the manufacturer developed an interest in discussing partnership potential with the COACT client – as common interests and industry experiences were identified. The prospect fit several qualifications that recognized it as a lead prospect for potential, long-term relationship.

Old Client, New Interests

A longtime COACT client has the opportunity to make a presentation on changed services and discuss capital investments that differentiate the company in the market. The opportunity to do so is with a prospect the client currently proposes with, but many market changes have occurred and new opportunities in different markets has arisen from the prospects goals. COACT continued to develop the relationship, maintaining contact and wave development, which lead to a renewed interest in understanding the COACT client’s capabilities.

Capital Equipment Installation with Leading Industrial Steel Manufacturer

An opportunity for a capital equipment installation was discovered through COACT prospect phone calls to a leading U.S. steel manufacturer. After profiling the buying system, identifying decision makers at a key plant for the COACT client, based on geography and what the plant produces – COACT was able to develop and maintain an ongoing discussion with leaders at the facility. Over several months, as capital programs were determined, realized or discarded the COACT contact at the facility determined there was a fit for services that the COACT client provides and COACT was able to set up the conversation. A walkthrough has been completed and award of the project has been won.

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