October 2014 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Operations

Lighting Manufacturer Reviews Need for Materials 

A specialty lighting manufacturer requested information from a COACT client that specializes in packaging materials and solutions.  After months of relationship development, and strategic pursuit of contacts, the decision-maker was interested in reviewing some data.  As a result, COACT was able to join together the technical decision makers and the prospect now has a better feel for the client resources.  The relationship will be cultivated over the next few months when they move into their contracting time of year. Our COACT client is now in the position to be seriously considered as a partner.

COACT Leads the Way into a Leading Packaging Equipment Manufacturer

New market development is a primary objective of the COACT campaign for an equipment manufacturer.  In the course of the strategic identification of decision makers, COACT lead the way with a top manufacturer of packaging equipment for our client who manufactures heavy industrial metal fabricated equipment.  The potential from this conversation with a mid-level decision maker in the prospect’s engineering department has escalated through several conversations. Now, longer-term projects with significantly greater scope are being discussed with the highest level of decision makers involved.

Global Capabilities Needed for Integration with Pharmaceutical Leader

COACT called and spoke with decision makers at a large, multi-million dollar pharmaceutical manufacturer for projects pertaining to specific needs for outside engineering capabilities.  The COACT client’s news of acquisition was well timed to decision makers that COACT had been calling for many years.  The news, paired with the existing relationship, created significant interest of the prospect, and as a result the COACT client has been invited in for a long-term contract and potential projects discussion.  The COACT process allowed a potentially complex transition to be more smoothly executed with key high value targets.

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