September 2014 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Operations

Manufacturing Support Service Introduction for Global Tire Manufacturer

COACT has connected a manufacturing support services client with a global tire manufacturing company. The location of interest is a 1.5 million square foot manufacturing facility. COACT initially spoke with the Operations Manager who then referred us to the Mixing Manager. The facility was focused on potential solutions for cleaning and maintaining the mixing department. This is a great initial opportunity for our client, and it is expected to lead to other opportunities for increasing the scope of work within this facility, as well as other facilities within the prospect company.

Major Automotive Supplier Opportunity

COACT connected with a major automotive supplier on behalf of their client in order to illustrate the value propositions of technical expertise and on time delivery. Through this approach COACT was able to establish a relationship with the prospect. As a result of the ongoing touch points, the COACT client was top-of-mind when the prospect had a major issue with a vendor. COACT was able to maintain this relationship over two years and ultimately win the business for the client.

Marketing Program Results in Opportunity

A Southern California antenna manufacturer requested an RFQ resulting from a COACT designed direct mail campaign. The opportunity gave the client the opportunity to perform an analysis for the manufacturing company’s current program costs. This was then compared to the client’s unique, cost savings program. The direct mail campaign promoted key features of the client’s offering, allowing their prospect to leverage better information, affecting the healthcare benefits of their employee base, as well as the overall buying power and risk mitigation of the entire group.

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