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Jennifer Nietz - Manager of Operations

August 2014 – August 2014, Wow, where did you come from? Getting social is taking on a new meaning: social media. What a year this has been for social media. If your business is like 95% of others out there, you are probably being impacted. This year, we have seen some very big transformations, using social media to help build awareness in the market place.

Sales and marketing trends in business-to-business for 2014 are on an exciting new course. Social media has arrived as a strong compliment to other online and inside sales elements. I recently came across an article talking about anticipated trends for 2015, and I would say these are pretty consistent for what we are seeing… maybe you are experiencing the same or maybe these trends will surface in your organization in the coming months.

    1. Go Social – Enough already, right? Everywhere you turn there is someone connected to their mobile screen. Most everything you read is talking about the value of social media. I believe 2014 has shown us that it is really here to stay. Some products or services are better marketed on one social media outlet, better than others; however, we have seen that having a presence on one of these sites is useful to build brand credibility and make your organization legit. A graph published by connectionmodel.com illustrates how businesses are utilizing social media.


  1. Content is King – Generation of more content is a big trend. More content in the hands of your prospects is critical. We are seeing an increased attention and focus on generation of more content for direct marketing, online marketing, newsletters, LinkedIn accounts, Facebook, websites, and video, like never before. To maintain all of those listed, requires new content. Businesses are facing challenges on getting and managing new content.

  2. Traditional Media is Dying- Newspapers and Magazine subscriptions are an item of the past. Most media is available online at no cost. While I agree that traditional media is dying and that you should steer clear of this for promotion of your products and services, I think it is still critical to have some traditional media content in your workplace. If you are promoting products and services, I am a big believer that your sales and marketing teams need to be equipped with current events and knowledge of the markets they are pursuing. If you don’t have traditional forms of media available, then a system should be set up to distribute content digitally. Arranging RSS feeds from critical news outlets for your team to view would be a good first step.

  3. Mobile is getting even bigger – More people are accessing content and doing research via their mobile device and this is not going to stop. Have you ever pulled your website up on your mobile device? How does it look? Hopefully it is easy to use and easy to find information on your company because the majority of your visitors look at your organization for the first time on their phone or tablet. Advertising and product promotion has to be looked at differently in the mobile age; make sure your business presence is compatible to all formats.

All of these trends, as I mentioned, are something your business has probably felt and will continue to feel as you develop your growth plans of the future.

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