Company Wellness on the Rise

Amanda Bostelman - Business Development Specialist

July 2014 – There’s no surprise-a healthy workforce is a happy and hard-working workforce. Over the past few years wellbeing has made the jump from health and fitness magazines straight into The Wall Street Journal. More and more employers, large and small alike, are making necessary changes to support a more healthy work environment and workforce.

This makes total sense, after all Wellness = Good Business. The health of a company’s employees and the health of the company’s bottom line are correlated to one another. Healthier, not to mention HAPPIER, employees show up to work more often, are more productive, and visit the doctor less frequently. When a company takes steps to nurture their workforce’s health and wellness there is a direct impact on productivity which obviously, at the end of the day, has great impact on the company’s profitability.

There is a connection between our state of mind/bodies and the quality of work we put out. Let’s compare work to sports here:   Both take a solid amount of self-discipline, practice, and appropriate scheduling of off-time. There must be an appropriate balance of work and rest for our brains and bodies to maintain maximum focus, whether at work or in an athletic setting. Without that little bit of rest, our brains become depleted, in turn leading to burn-out, distractedness, and overall dissatisfaction with what you’re doing.

I’ll be the first to admit it…here at COACT we are a bit spoiled when it comes to wellness in the work place. When I tell my friends about our weekly yoga sessions at lunch and monthly massages, they usually shriek and ask if we’re hiring.

Creating a wellness program in the workplace can also allow a company to create an avenue for friendly competition. This past January we kicked off a year-long “Walk Across America” competition. There is an end year group goal, which if we succeed, will result in a piece of exercise equipment in our game room. On top of that, the Team member who contributes the most mileage will win a trip to LA, courtesy of COACT.  The majority of our sales floor consists of a slew of driven, not to mention very competitive, 20-30 somethings. Allowing us to be competitive in an area besides sales recharges us and is very consistent with our culture at COACT.

Bottom line is you want a healthy workforce. Healthy employees miss less work, concentrate better when they are there, and in the long-run cost an employer less in unplanned absences and increased motivation.

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