June 2014 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Operations

Metal Processing Equipment Provider Lands Project with Large Tube & Pipe Manufacturer

Over the course of several months, COACT fostered a new relationship with a tube manufacturer who was struggling to identify a solution for a potentially hazardous complication with one of its machines. With the help of COACT, the client – a manufacturer of metal processing equipment – was able to diagnose a custom solution for the tube manufacturer, potentially preventing an injury to the customer’s warehouse staff. As a result, the tube manufacturer has requested assistance from our client with several future projects.

Improving Operational Performance with Global Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer

On behalf of a client that offers specialty industrial services, COACT was able to develop a relationship and organize a site visit with a leading global manufacturer of agricultural equipment. The campus was looking for some assistance in improving operational performance at a plant level at one of their US largest manufacturing locations. The site visit went well and the client is now helping the group develop a scope of work to assist them in this initiative.

Service Relationship with Nationwide Restaurant Chain

COACT has developed a relationship at a corporate level for a client interested in handling service opportunities for a nationwide restaurant chain’s signage needs. With COACT positioning the decision maker, the client has been able to provide ongoing regional service for work in a defined area; additionally, providing the best service and best cost to meet the needs of the prospect. The ongoing prospecting effort has generated new business for the client who was previously not involved in any service opportunity for this prospect in a number of years. Not only was an opportunity generated for new projects, but COACT also created an opportunity for the client to meet in person at the chain’s corporate headquarters, with key decision makers.

Questions? Please contact Melanie Garza at mgarza@teamCOACT.com