Thoughts on Relationship Development

Elizabeth Murawski - Account Executive

May 2014 – These days, it feels like everyone does sales and marketing. There’s hardly a day that goes by, that those in business, regardless of their role, are not asked to participate in some promotional activity. We all “know” it is hard work to develop meaningful, sustainable relationships, but we have full-time jobs.

A few of my fellow COACT Account Executives and I were discussing how we help our clients: the strategic decisions we help develop and implement for our clients, and the opportunities we develop for them. We discussed how what we do is a higher order than just growing businesses; often times it has the potential to change the lives of those we work for and with. Pretty big stuff, when you think about it. This really got us going, thinking about jobs, families; lives of both the buyer and seller, and how those lives are directly impacted by the results of our work – mostly good, but potentially not good.

We asked ourselves, what makes us different than what others do? We concluded that it’s the process – in fact, our process of developing and managing trusting relationships.  The COACT process of proactive interactions with strategic targets, using various tools and techniques, such as direct mail, email, planned calls, and hand-written notes, over time develops trust. That trust positions us to learn more than most. We learn how buying decisions are made, when they are going to be made, how they evaluate suppliers and specifics about their needs. That information helps our clients uniquely position their solution, often times before the competition even knows there is a need.

Our mission statement at COACT is to provide a process solution to business growth and prosperity. Certainly business growth is a great goal, but in the bigger picture, at COACT we believe that business growth is not sufficient. To really change lives, to build a secure, predictable business model, we must help deliver prosperity – a thriving, evolving, learning system built on relationships – developed and managed.

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