March 2014 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Operations

Custom Metal Fabricator Lands Large Material Handling Project

A COACT metal fabrication solutions provider has been in multiple conversations with a tier one material handling integrator. After successfully building a trusting relationship through conversations, relaying of information, and consistent communication with the project manager, the COACT client gained access to a bidding opportunity for a $1 billion transportation and logistics company. After bidding the project, the single project manager passed off the COACT client information to a number of other project managers, which lead to multiple bidding opportunities for the same transportation and logistics company. The COACT client is still actively engaging and bidding projects for both parties, and is expected to be heavily involved in projects for years to come.

COACT Supply Chain Client Introduced to Fortune 500 Company

This past month, COACT was able to align one of our clients within the supply chain industry with a Fortune 500 telecommunications company to discuss implementation of a supply chain system across their enterprise. With our client’s expertise and experience, they are positioned to provide a level of service that cannot be challenged by any other company in the industry and will allow the prospect to fulfill their need for a turnkey solution.

One of World’s Largest Equipment Companies Positioned with Industrial Service Client

COACT was able to position one of our industrial service clients with one of the largest heavy equipment companies in the world to provide industrial cleaning services. The opportunity started as a single service opportunity but is leading to discussions on potential contracts across multiple business sectors and multiple locations. This connection alone has led to a relationship with a third party sourcing provider that has the potential to take our client into similar worldwide organizations.

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