November 2013 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Operations

COACT Specialty Contractor Builds General Contracting Relationships

A COACT specialty contractor is proposing on an estimated $20 million project in the Midwest. The COACT client recently attended a meeting at the site and has successfully positioned itself as a qualified bidder to the general contractor. Over the course of the last 18 months, COACT has identified the largest general contractors across many states and built organizational profiles while securing bids for large opportunities. Nearly $100 million in bid opportunities have been presented to the client across the region due to the new and expanded relationships with general contractors.

Engineering Consulting Firm Discusses 2014 Plans with New Refinery

COACT had been pursuing a refinery company with multiple locations across the country as a new high value target for a consulting engineering client. Earlier in the year, the client was awarded work at one of the sites and the team has leveraged that success to open doors at other locations. In October, COACT set an introduction meeting with the engineering manager at a sister refinery and learned that the individual actually oversees multiple locations and is expected to move into a corporate position in the next several months. The prospect ended up speaking with the COACT client about two upcoming opportunities in 2014, as well as potential for other future projects.

COACT Consulting Firm Client Re-engages with Past Client

A COACT consulting firm client was able to reestablish contact with a past customer when COACT reconnected with a contact that had not been spoken with for some time. COACT was able to research other prospect contacts with in a large, insurance-industry leader, but with a few phone calls reconnected with the previous project manager as well. The result was an opportunity for the COACT client to present on experiences gained recently for the prospect and a team of people regarding a new project they are considering for 2014 roll-out. The prospects are developing learning development initiatives for 2014 and were investigating how to effectively roll it out to the thousands of employees within the organization.

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