September 2013 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Operations

Major Steel Manufacturer Considers Corporate-wide Initiative

A top ranked steel manufacturer with facilities throughout the USA is consulting with a COACT controls engineering group regarding an initiative for inventory management across the corporation. Over the past two years COACT has built a solid relationship with the steel manufacturer at a corporate and plant level. While various small opportunities have evolved, the steel company is now in heavy discussion regarding a corporate wide program. COACT has set a series of meetings with the central engineering group and a selected number of facilities. The project is now coming to fruition.

Automotive OEM Looks to Outsource Department Management

A Big 6 Automotive OEM recently brought a COACT client in to review their paint shop operations. The COACT client has built a significant resume with paint shop production readiness including technical cleaning and equipment maintenance. The COACT business growth efforts have been to leverage the client’s expertise and promote it to other OEM’s in the transportation industry. COACT has built a campaign focused on corporate and plant key executives. Within the last month, A Big 6 automotive OEM invited the client into one of its largest US assembly plants. The COACT client met with a number of technical decision makers and will be proposing on the opportunity.

New Reseller Expected to Bring Significant Orders

COACT has partnered with a top ranked technology distributor for channel development with one of its key manufacturers. The campaign is focused on identifying top resellers in the communications industry and promoting the manufacturer through a comprehensive sales and marketing campaign with education, special offers and the beginning of the on-boarding process. A major reseller signed last month and is expected to bring orders with large customers including industrial and government agencies throughout the eastern United States.

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