July 2013 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Operations

Industrial Equipment Manufacturer Wins Major Order

COACT identified a major opportunity for one of its industrial equipment manufacturer clients. This opportunity was with a plastics company, as part of a high-value target strategy. The COACT team was able to uncover an opportunity finding two large pieces of custom industrial equipment which were being evaluated for replacement. COACT prequalified the opportunity learning the timeline, budget, key objectives as well as the competitive position and set an introduction meeting for its client. Over the course of the next six weeks the client worked closely with the manufacturer’s engineering team, and successfully won the order, edging out the incumbent supplier. The first order was for over $400,000, and additional projects are expected to follow.

Complex Buying System Navigated – Nurturing Pays Off

A global company with manufacturing facilities across the USA, Mexico and Canada was identified as a strategic target for a COACT construction client. COACT was able to navigate the complex buying system within the corporate headquarters and develop a corporate profile of buying influences. Over the last several months, COACT set up a series of conference calls and introduction meetings with key individuals. As the relationship matured, the COACT client is now proposing on a large plant expansion. The company is also discussing other planned projects with the COACT client that are in the conceptual phase.

COACT Positions Client as Expert

COACT recently learned that a prospect for one of its AEC clients was being acquired by an international firm. Since the COACT team had been maintaining regular communication with the firm, the prospect invited the client back to discuss the acquisition plan. As a result, the COACT client has positioned itself as a consultant able to effectively support the firm throughout the acquisition period and learn of future opportunities with both companies.