June 2013 COACT Successes

Anthony Colarusso - Manager of Business Development

Packaging Client Positioned for New Business with Precision Manufacturer

COACT identified an opportunity for one of our packaging clients to meet with a precision manufacturing company. The manufacturer serves a variety of major market segments including aerospace, defense, fluid power, electronics and medical devices. During the conversation, COACT was able to identify several concerns regarding defective bags sourced from a competitor. Due to their outdated machinery, bagging system issues and related problems the prospect was convinced that our packaging client could be of service and wanted to meet. At the meeting, in addition to discussing the original need, the two parties were able to identify additional opportunities that will lead to reduced production costs and downtime.

Industrial Contracting Client Introduced to Major Product Manufacturer

We successfully positioned one of our industrial contracting clients for a significant opportunity with one of the largest beverage product manufacturers in the country. This high value target was a key account for the industrial contractor, given their extensive experience in the food and beverage industry.

Introduction Leads to Face-to-Face Meeting and Product Demo

Our client, a point-of-sale hardware manufacturer was introduced to a parking meter manufacturer with headquarters on the west coast. The parking meter prospect had been a long time target for the COACT client, who until this time, had not been able to get an appointment. COACT set up a face-to-face meeting, and the client has sold several samples to the prospect for testing, with a number of large opportunities.