May 2013 COACT Successes

Melanie Garza - Director of Operations

Industrial Process Consultant Introduced to Top Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer

COACT introduces an industrial process consultant to one of the largest manufacturers of commercial trucks, buses, RV’s and defense vehicles. The client will be evaluating paint shop processes during an onsite introduction in a local plant. COACT has identified similar opportunities for the client in two domestic and one international location.

COACT Partners with Leading Chemical Manufacturer and Increases Sales in Channel

COACT partners with a leading chemical manufacturer to promote a propriety soap solution to distributors in one of their channels. COACT generated a pre-qualified target list and educated distributors on a special promotional offer. This work has led to a significant increase in products purchased through the targeted channel.

Packaging Distributor Introduction Leads to Larger Need

A mid-west packaging distributor hired COACT to set introduction meetings with local high value targets and to create a differentiated brand as a value added partner. COACT recently introduced this client to a major provider of data collection products. The purpose of the face-to-face introduction was to explore a small opportunity for void-fill solutions. During the introduction, the COACT client additionally uncovered a larger need for custom inserts and a new shrink wrap system.