Sales Synergy Triangle

Sales Synergy is about collaboration.

Sales Synergy is our system for understanding your company, your market and the unique value you provide to customers.

It all begins with Physics – our team becomes oriented to your organizational history, culture, customer success stories and products and services. We help you to strategically define your business model, focus your go-to market strategy, choose your future customers and sharpen your message. These are essential building blocks to business growth success.

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Our Physics process is specifically designed to build a plan to grow your business. COACT works closely with you and your team to design the business growth elements that will be critical to success.

Physics features elements of strategic thinking, brand messaging, target research and list development, and the development of selling propositions that will resonate in the market, differentiating your organization in a competitive market.

During the Physics section of our work, we build deep knowledge about your organization and market structure. We define your strategic architecture, answering the questions:

    • What do you sell?
    • How do you supply it?
    • Who buys it?
    • Why do they buy it from you?

Using the best tools available and applying our deep expertise in market research and target list design, our people build knowledge about your market and work with you to build a high-value target list. We believe that meaningful business growth begins by strategically selecting your future customers, rather than having you hope and wait to be found.

How do your people build enough knowledge to sell our products or services? As you might imagine, this is a common question. Every market-facing employee of COACT has earned at a minimum a bachelor’s degree, with more than a fourth of them holding master’s degrees. But, degrees are not enough – we have designed an orientation process that compresses the knowledge needed into a manageable timeframe to represent you in the market and we prove it… before we begin any market interaction your COACT selling team will present your company to you, including their plan for growing your business.

Let COACT help you improve your sales process by increasing connections to strategic and qualified prospects by efficiently using our sales and marketing resources.

Next we install a Rhythm of communication and learning. Targeting your ideal customer profile, we apply various "touches" including direct mail, email, online marketing and telesales, to build awareness and learn interest, eliminating the variable of timing. We learn about your prospects' buying systems and their motivation to buy. We do the heavy lifting - prospecting, pre-qualifying and positioning new business opportunities for your professional sales team to close.

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The primary objective of the demand generation process is to build trusting relationships between buyers and sellers. To build those relationships the parties need to interact; in fact, they need to have quality interaction.

How do we do this?

COACT designs a series of touch points creating a Market Rhythm that removes the variable of timing by installing waves of communication and learning – built around your value propositions.

The most critical variable in business-to-business sales is timing. Too late is frustrating and too early is an enormous challenge. Most business systems are not designed to make friends with those organizations that are not sending them money.

COACT eliminates the variable of timing in your sales process.

Most business growth efforts fail or struggle to meet expectations. Why is this? Most rely too heavily or exclusively on one tactic alone - direct mail, email marketing, search engine optimization or telemarketing.

An integrated, consistent, proactive series of direct mail, online marketing and telesales touch points, combined with handwritten thank you cards, come together to form waves of communication and learning. These all work together to position new business opportunities for you to close.

Why not start now? It’s time for you to make waves…

All this is put in place to help your organization build Mastery in the market. Over time, the information we gather becomes knowledge. That market knowledge is analyzed and shared with your team, allowing them to customize solutions that change rules in the market. One of our goals is to supply your organization with a meaningful, sustainable competitive advantage, making you the competitor of choice.

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By now, you know that COACT prequalifies, prospects, and builds relationships that help you grow your business. We have educated ourselves about your stories of success, your company’s history, and the value propositions that set your company apart from the competition…

Now it’s time to do what you hired us to do…sell.

COACT determines a prospect's motivation, learns the prospects buying decision process, and profiles the prospect’s buying habits – helping you customize a winning solution.

Client mastery is developed and delivered as we gather, organize, analyze, and transfer knowledge to your team. This knowledge transfer helps you create a mastery in the market that clearly differentiates your organization from the competition.

Contact COACT today…and let’s work together to grow your business.