Process of Business Growth

Drip marketing... more like making waves!

The usefulness of drip marketing is well documented, but by itself is not sufficient. Buyers don’t buy until they trust. Trust can only be built with quality interaction – human interaction.

Selling success is due to far more than technique - it’s the design and implementation of a process that proactively and rhythmically communicates your value propositions to strategic targets while building trusting relationships that enable you to learn about buying systems and a prospect’s motivation to buy.

For decades, sales trainers and texts have taught the techniques of the sales trade. Opened and closed end questions; trial, soft and hard closes. However useful these techniques appear on the surface, they rarely produce the business growth results we expect. It takes more than technique.

Remember fax blasts, catalogue sales, direct mail, telemarketing, email blasts – each in its time was thought to be the answer to business growth. We now know that, by themselves, none of these tactics produce meaningful, sustainable business growth results, but combined, managed and measured, success becomes more predictable.

Timing is the most critical variable in business-to-business sales. We’ve all been there, “I like what your company can do for us, but you’re three months late.” Or, “This sounds great, but I won’t be looking at this until next year.” Of course, if we knew exactly when various buying influences were going to buy, we’d make contact appropriately – the challenge is that we rarely know the timing. So what do you do? Your sales systems, incentives and supply side work make it hard for you to build relationships with organizations that are not sending you money.

Eliminate the variable of timing, using a process solution to gather, organize, analyze and leverage knowledge about buying systems. At COACT, we create waves in the market - frequent interaction that keeps your value propositions top-of-mind, changing the rules of competition. No longer will you be surprised by a request for quote, you’ll be instrumental in its design.