Study the past if you want a better future.

COACT Associates, Ltd. was legally formed on October 20, 2003; however, the model and processes that COACT uses today were years in development and practice, prior to this milestone.

Mark Frasco, founder and president of COACT, first developed the building blocks of our process in 1987. After the organization he managed experienced a sub-par sales year across a thirteen person professional sales team, he began to investigate and design a more deliberate, consistent process to build awareness and learn about buying systems. He hired two research marketers and set them up in a small office space in Anaheim, California. They were supplied with the latest tools of the day – Thomas Registry and Harris Directory database printouts. With only these paper lists and telephones, these two research marketers were integral to several years of double digit growth for the organization. Their responsibility was to research, prospect, pre-qualify and position new business opportunities for the field sales personnel. Working as a team, the research marketers and field sales personnel formed a competitive advantage that separated them from the competition.

During the years that followed, Mark helped several organizations implement the COACT model, at the time called Research Marketing. Late in 2002, Mark began getting requests from his network of friends and customers for the strategic growth system, but they didn’t want to hire and manage the staff to do the work – they knew they couldn’t. They wanted Mark to supply the system and the people. COACT’s first client, Engineering and Technical Associates (ETA), then under contract to VistaGroup, Mark’s business consulting practice, was kicked off in December, 2002. ETA remains a COACT client to this day.

Since those early days, COACT has grown into a thriving business growth consulting practice, led by a team of highly committed sales and marketing professionals. We serve clients around the globe and are positively disrupting the business world’s mindset about business growth possibilities.